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Mukandas is a Hair Nutrition Blend, we call it a magic hair blend, it stops Hair-loss, promotes new hair growth and makes hair healthy overall. Its a formulation that has been around since 1957, the Orignal & famous from Mullanpur. It was formulated by Mukand Singh from Bhanor Village and his friend Vaid Sarja Singh from the Village next door Dakha in the middle of Punjab India. Both friends had always been interested in ancient Ayurveda scriptures they would often go to the Himalayas for month long journeys discovering herbs & medicinal plants; where they would meet & discuss Ayurveda medicine with other healers of the time.

Mukandas Hair Nutrition Blend was carefully crafted by Mukand Singh & Sarja Singh using the finest ingredients, Oils were extracted by them as they are done today, each ingredient does its own magic, it has its own perfect space in the blend.

This Hair Nutrition Blend is the same & Original since 1957, just the touch of technology has been given in terms of latest hygiene standards so Vitamin E & Green Tea have been included as natural antioxidants.

Mukandas Hair Nutrition Blend is as real as it gets, it’s made of all the natural ingredients. Some block DHT, stuff that’s responsible for Hair-loss, others open up the pores so essential oils can get into the follicles and nourish our hairs.

Try it for yourself and get the promised results or get your money back.*

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Happy Customers

" My friend suggested me Mukandas Hair Oil for my Hair thinning. It totally helped, my hair loss stopped. I've noticed significant change in the health of my hair."

Gaurav Sharma

" I was suffering from Patchy Hair loss. I had 2 patches on my head, after using Mukandas Oil my patches were 100% gone. I absolutely recommend this product. "

Randy Gill